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Facebook Application Development

Facebook is a social networking site that was launched in 2004 and offers developers a wide array of Facebook applications that they can integrate into an existing website or even create a whole new website using the Facebook platform and the applications therein.

The Uses of Facebook Applications

An application is a broad term and includes a variety of components. The uses of a particular application are based on the purpose and objective of the end user. In terms of Facebook applications, the uses are similar to that offered by the social networking website itself.

  • As mentioned time and again, Facebook is a social networking site means the various applications of the site, help you connect and interact with people. You can get in touch with people for a host of reasons and on the basis of various parameters.
  • Uploading photos and videos, in an unlimited number. This Facebook feature can be incorporated into a client’s website using Facebook applications. It’s great for an eCommerce site.
  • A host of businesses have given a fillip to their media relations through Facebook. This is again through the use of Facebook applications.
  • Marketing and promotions of products and services can be accomplished through Facebook features. This is a form of soft marketing and is one of the more affordable ways of getting your point across.. and many more.

The uses of Facebook are entirely dependant on the kind of features that you choose and the objective of your website.

Prosems and Facebook Applications

At Prosems, we have proven expertise in the creation and initiation of social network application like Facebook applications that not only includes the designing aspect but also the development aspect of various social network communities. Our professionals will have an in-depth knowledge of Facebook applications and keep abreast of all the latest development in the sphere of application development of Facebook.

If you want your site to have the same features as an existing social networking site, we can configure the same for you; or on the other hand if you want a website that should cater to a niche market or a specific community, then we also offer customized Facebook applications that will cater to this requirement. We are with our client throughout the process of website creation, right from the conceptualization to the completion.

Our experts offer dedicated services with regards to Facebook applications and bring about the creation of an innovative site replete with a visually appealing user-interface and design. At Prosems, our primary focus is superior functionality of the end product and its ability to achieve all the interactivity goals of the client.

A Few Facebook Applications

There are quite a number Facebook applications available today, and more are being developed regularly. We have tried to underline a few that are popular, but make no mistake; this is just a very minuscule amount of applications that are available out there. At Prosems we can offer you customized Facebook applications if you have specific requirement for the same.

  • Real Gifts
  • Super Wall - Enables the posting, searching, and sharing of videos, images, and graffiti, etc
  • Bumper Sticker - Offers you various stickers with messages and also allow you to create you very own Facebook Sticker
  • Imo.im.messenger - works like the MSN messenger and offers similar uses
  • Carpool - This application, as the name suggests, enables people to search for carpools that are heading towards the same destination as yours.
  • The ‘Are you Interested’ application helps you search for people who are interested in you.. and many more.

As aforementioned, this is just a cross-section of Facebook applications that can be used in your very own websites.

Facebook Features

The features of Facebook are a result of the various applications used in the Facebook social networking site.

  • User of the Facebook site or all other sites that are made using Facebook applications can join more than one networks that are categorized according to geographical area, city etc.
  • Revenue can be generated through banner advertising, hence such website can be made free-to-use
  • Users can fill in detailed profile data and confirm friends or not-confirm friends as per their preferences
  • The news feed features appearing on the homepage of the user offers news about the user and various related news regarding the user.
  • Users can upload photos and that too in an unlimited number .. and many more.

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