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Social networking is one of the most revolutionary uses of the Internet. If you are a little confused by the two terms then we call your attention to two websites that is Facebook and MySpace. These two are social networking websites that have quickly become the symbols of the process of social community building. The great part about it is that it has numerous applications cutting across various fields.

The Uses of Social Community Building

All in all it is a powerful tool that is used for one general purpose, but its application can be found in various fields.

  • It’s a powerful communication tool
  • It has given rise to new ways of communication and information sharing
  • Used to configure various applications that are used frequently in everyday life
  • To create directory listings based on various parameters

As aforementioned social community building is all about applying the platform for various applications.

Business Application
  • Offering low cost connectivity to small businesses and budding entrepreneurs
  • Act as a tool for customer relationship management
  • An effective platform for advertising and promotions
  • Online meeting place for virtual business communities .. and many more.
Social Application
  • Enabling people to getting to know each other. Basically, forming friendships
  • Enabling the posting of videos, music, and text that pertains to a particular interest of the user.
  • Enables the posting of Blogs

General Features of Social Networking Sites

  • Detailed and highly personalized users profile.
  • Administration console
  • Search features
  • Forums and groups
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Blogs .. and many more.

At the end of the day social community building and its application development revolves around spreading awareness about a plethora of aspects, individuals and products and services.

To give you a fair idea of its applications and features we have tried to underline the application development of Facebook and MySpace


Anybody who has a modicum of interest in the use of internet and socializing on the net; has used or at least heard about Facebook will know about what it does and how does it benefit them. Users have to register themselves on the site and once logged in, can connect with other users based on various preferences and parameters.

The Facebook Platform

The Facebook platform offers software developers a framework for the creation of applications for their clients. Some of the basic facets of this platform are given below:

  • The Facebook markup language was specially created to help in the customization of the visual element and feel of the application that is being developed by the developers
  • The platform enables the development of various applications like virtual gifts, virtual marketplace, sharing of videos, and event information amongst a host of other things.

These and many other aspects are part of the Facebook platform that aids in application development.


MySpace is yet another social community building site that is interactive in nature and offers the opportunity to network with friends. This is accomplished through features like personal profiles, blogs, and groups, amongst various others. It has achieved international popularity for its interactive environment and also offers a MySpace development platform to develop various customized applications.

MySpace Development Platform

Social community building can be offered in the form of customized solutions through this platform. Developers can use this platform to create their very own MySpace applications.

Some of the applications that have been developed as a result of this platform are:

  • MySpace Mobile
  • MySpace News
  • MySpace Polls
  • MySpace Classifieds .. and many more.

Prosems and Social Community Building

At Prosems we are constantly pushing boundaries with regards to the concept of social networking and offer social community building solutions to our clients, which are replete with a host of features that will give your community website the definitive edge. Other solutions we offer are:

  • Create a highly interactive site that enables a person to post all kinds of content including text, videos, blogs etc
  • Configure a social networking site that is based on the subscriptions concept.
  • We offer our clients a website that is based on an open source solutions and customize it with a host of features including video upload, blog, user integration, etc.
  • We have proven experience and a successful track-record in the sphere of social networking website development and social community building in general.
  • We also have experience in creating and evolving efficient strategies and implementing them with regards to eCommerce solutions.

As the number of netizens continues to grow, the social networking concept has emerged as one of the most popular and efficient models for conduction of online business. It is offering rich dividends to users and has blurred geographical boundaries. In accordance with this fact we offer customized social community application development for website and focus our energies, talent and processes towards meeting the specific requirements and objectives of our clients.

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Open Source Social Networking
Social networking is gaining popularity everyday and they are best for smaller, niche-based businesses. With open source social networking solutions we help you in building your network in a matter of days or weeks. Some of the dynamic software we employ in developing the networking applications are Pliqq, Newscloud, Drupal, Dolphin, PHPizabi, Elqq, AroundMe, Scuttle, etc.
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