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OsCommerce Shopping Cart Solutions

If you are one of those who want to set up an online store and wants the perfect shopping cart solutions for this purpose, then look no further than the osCommerce shopping cart which has emerged as the perfect solution for online merchants. It is packed with features and what’s more, it’s easy to use and understand. You, as an online merchant, won’t have to worry about a thing.

The Uses of osCommerce shopping Cart

The whole point about a shopping cart is its use. Its uses are such that you simply cannot do without it. The osCommerce integration of the carts into your website or blog would be very useful in more ways than one:

  • Payment and Shipment: Online merchants can use an osCommerce shopping cart to accept payments in the form of checks, credit cards etc, at the same time offering various other payment options through processors like PayPal, etc. A number of payment gateways are offered for credit card users. Merchants can also use the shopping cart for shipping and adding the associated taxes for that particular shipment with regards to country or product.
  • Store Management: Online store management includes a plethora of aspects which includes inventory management, product management; cataloguing etc. osCommerce customization will offer you various modules that will further help you manage your store.

These and may other functionalities form the crux of the osCommerce shopping cart.

Prosems and the Shopping Cart

At Prosems, we offer our clients the whole gamut of osCommerce services that will not only provide you with a shopping cart but also an osCommerce customization that will integrate the best of features and modules with your website design. We offer all kinds of services like web hosting services etc that are integral to the running of the osCommerce shopping cart. In totality, we offer all kinds of support like PHP and MySQL that will run your shopping cart in an efficient manner.

Prosems imparts training to the clients with respect to cart usage and optimizing its use to boost sales and the overall growth of the business.

The Benefits of the osCommerce Shopping Cart

There are a variety of online shopping carts available; however, different people go for different carts. What helps them in the choice is the kind of benefits offered by the cart. The bottom line is the advantage offered and nothing else.

  • No license fees involved
  • Effortless Functionality
  • User Friendly Administration
  • All manner of Features
  • One of the most powerful eCommerce applications available
  • An every increasing osCommerce shopping cart online community
  • Maintain your Online Shopping without professional help
  • Easy Set-up and Installation
  • A plethora of templates
  • osCommerce customization ensures the shopping cart caters to a client’s unique requirements
  • A variety of osCommerce modules to choose from

There are various other intrinsic benefits of using this type of shopping cart and all of them go in the making of a great shopping experience for everybody concerned.

The features of osCommerce shopping cart

OsCommerce is going through a process of continuous development. As and when new development takes place, new features are added to the shopping carts. OsCommerce integration can then incorporate these features into the shopping cart.

  • Multilingual capability
  • Automated web-browser based installation and up-gradation
  • Adaptable layout changes that are quick and easy
  • Support for unlimited product and categories and product-categories
  • Direct customer contact through newsletters or emails
  • Storage of all orders in database enabling efficient retrieval
  • Quick Search and Advanced Search
  • Transaction Security through SSL
  • Out of stock product can be shown
  • Numerous offline and online payment processing functionality
  • Shipping modules based on price, destination, and weight
  • Availability of real time quotes
  • Tax Functionality

There is an availability of many more features which one can undertake to integrate through the various modules available for this purpose.

Modules for osCommerce shopping cart

Modules are available for a variety of purposes. At times, the standard features on offer do not satisfy the objectives of an online merchant. If this is the case then he or she can go in for osCommerce customization to add-on modules into the existing shopping cart solution.

Some of the modules that are available are:

  • Search Engine Friendly Modules with reference to URLs
  • Product Import Module – Enables offline Product Importation
  • Column Banner modules
  • Menu Manager Module- Enables Dynamic Menu Management
  • Google Adsense Module .. and many more

Our osCommerce shopping cart add-on solutions are customized to fulfill the demands of our clients, which allow us to offer way more than the standard features that are a part of this shopping cart.

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