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CRE Loaded Shopping Cart Solutions

If you have an eCommerce business and want to boost your sales then it’s of paramount importance that you integrate a shopping cart with the website. Out of the many shopping carts available, the CRE loaded shopping cart is a great choice as it offers a solid online store solution that is fully integrated with essential features that will help you immeasurably in the promotion and selling of your products.

The Uses of the CRE Loaded Shopping Cart

As is the case with all shopping carts, they are used to simplify the whole process of shopping and selling on the net. Also, they are used to improve the shopping experience in a way such that the customers are impressed by the proceedings. Here are a few uses of the CRE Loaded Shopping Cart.

  • Online Store Administration: A service provider will undertake CRE Loaded Customization in a way such that the online shop owner can manage the online store with efficiency. This would include making additions and changes to the product catalogue, price fixing, inventory management, amongst other things.
  • Payment Gateways and Payment Options: Not everybody chooses the same form of payments. Some like to pay after the product delivery, some pay through credit and debit cards, while others prefer checks. A CRE Loaded cart is used to offer various payment options to customers and a plethora of payment gateways.
  • Some of the other uses are:

    - Various Shipping Options
    - Identification of Fraudulent Orders
    - Calculation of sales, Customer Validation .. and many more

Prosems and the CRE Loaded Shopping Cart

Prosems has a long standing reputation as a provider of CRE loaded solutions in the sphere of shopping carts. Expert professionals are geared to offer a variety of CRE loaded customization that will enhance the features of your shopping cart by configuring it especially for your goals and objectives. We understand the innate needs of the clients and develop a shopping cart that meets the needs of the client at every level. Add to that our CRE Loaded templates developed by our talented web designers and you have a supremely efficient CRE package.

The Benefits of a CRE Loaded Shopping Cart

There are various benefits associated with a CRE loaded cart which has made it a popular choice amongst online merchants. We have tried to underline some of the more important benefits offered by the shopping cart.

  • Offers a solid foundation for your eCommerce business
  • PCI compliant administration
  • SSL Protection for credit card security
  • Innovative Templates
  • Editing of Product Catalogues
  • Offering Coupons
  • Drop Down Menu For Administrative Purposes
  • International Shipping Modules .. and many more

Features of the CRE Loaded Shopping Cart

CRE Loaded integration is loaded with features. These features have just one objective and that is to orchestrate a customer friendly experience. Here are a few of the features that make the CRE cart a great shopping cart.

  • Automatic Installation of Secure SSL enabled administration
  • Affiliate Programming
  • Manufacture-wise Sorting of Products
  • Multiple Product Categories
  • Search Engine Friendly product listing
  • Management of Banner Ads
  • Easy Setting of Product Attributes
  • Customization of Screens
  • Management of Credit Card Encryptions
  • Customer Statistics
  • Query Manager
  • Events Manager

These and many other features form a part of the CRE loaded shopping cart and a CRE Loaded customization process will help you maximize their use.

Modules of the CRE Loaded Shopping Cart

We have talked about the customization of your CRE Loaded cart. The CRE Loaded customization process includes the adding of various modules that are in addition to the standard features of the cart.

Modules are offered by a variety of designers and service providers. One of the modules is the ‘Mega Add-On Module’ which is essentially a collection of modules.

It includes the following Modules:

  • URL Optimizer Module
  • Order Status Module
  • CRE Banner Modules
  • Message Modules

This is not the only bundle that is available in the market. There are many more and the choice is completely yours as to the kind of modules that you want to go in for. Our CRE Loaded Shopping Cart add-on modules are offered in a customized form as we understand that the needs of each client differ from one another.

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