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Open Source CMS (Content Management Solutions) applications are for managing content of any website. They are available in an almost ready-to-use format and can be tweaked to customize any specific requirements for industry- or user-specific usages. These systems make the tasks of creating and managing a website easy and simple, and they are free. There are innumerable open source software with amazing features and functionalities that often make the job very difficult for the users to decide on the right program.

Prosems for the best OS CMS

With so many CMS available it is very important to select the one that is best suited to the end users need. We at Prosems are experienced and qualified with the open source CMS software available today and know their individual advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, they can develop the application using the most appropriate technology. Before deciding on the software the factors that are considered by the developers are:

  • Purpose of the Content: Defining both the content and its purpose are important as they will be different for interaction, blogs, forums, and articles.
  • Entry format: The entry format is another critical decisive factor that we consider while selecting the application. Our choice depends on the type of content like text, video images, audio, PDF, XML, HTML, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Content Storage: Will they be flat files or databases?
  • Support: The community support is extremely important for open source projects and we consider the options to maximize the adoptability.
  • Types of Add-ons: Open source CMS can fully be customized with specific add-ons. So, we develop the systems that can accept several diverse add-ons for resulting in the most effective systems.

Open Source CMS Tools

Some of the best open source content management systems are:

Why to use OS CMS:

  • The first is obviously the cost. As it does not involve any license fees, it is much cheaper than other closed code (source) software.
  • Commercial closed source software does not allow to see the source code. This may lead to possible safety gaps.
  • Stability and performance of open source systems are broader and more robust as they are tested extensively and optimized following the results.
  • Open source CMS applications provide more support options.

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