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There are numerous blog publishing systems made available to bloggers, and Wordpress in one of them. The great part about the Wordpress data is that it is stored in a database that is created using MySQL. This blog publishing system is distributed under the GNU General Public License. Wordpress development services offered by companies offering IT solutions can configure a site that uses Wordpress applications and thus provide various features that can be used for different purposes.

The Uses of Wordpress

So, why must you hire the Wordpress development services of a particular company; this is the essential question? The reason is very simple. It is because of various uses of this publishing system. We have tried to underline a few basic uses of Wordpress:

  • Creation of content management system for a site or web magazine
    Wordpress can be used for the creation of traditional sites without chronological posts through the use of basic CMS. This means you can create a site without it looking like a blog.
  • The Creation of Sites that are Geo-Coded
    Geo-coded sites are generally sites that offer content or news stories that have Google MyMap representation alongside them. It can also be used to create city guides etc.
  • A Historical or Timeline Based Site
    If you want to provide your clients with time based info, the Wordpress development services are the best choice for you. Such a site can also have a combination of maps, images, and videos with pertinent articles, thus creating history sites.
  • For Photo Blogging
    Wordpress can be used for the creation of photoblogs by using a theme present in Wordpress called Photopress.
  • Creation of Polling Sites or Real Estate Listings
    You can use the different Wordpress plugins for configuring a polling site. A polling site and blog combination can work wonders for you. Also, geo-coding can be used to construct a real estate guide. Imagine clicking on an advert for a home and also being given the option of looking up the location on the map.

These are just some of the uses of Wordpress and Wordpress development services will tweak the features and application in a way such that your uses can be customized according to your needs and requirements.

Prosems and Wordpress Development Services

Do you want to get Wordpressed? If your answer is a resounding yes, then the Wordpress development services at Prosems are just the right choice for you. Our services in this regard are arguably the best in business and we offer all levels of Wordpress services that include the following amongst various others:

We offer Wordpress installation services that can be hosted on your existing host or server. It does not matter the kind of system you have or your host; we have the proven ability to cater to all kinds of demands successfully and without any hassles.

Theme Matching
People spend quite a bit of money on customizing the look and feel of their website; however, we offer a content management system centric theme that will definitely be the key to your future success. Moreover, it is very affordable and will match the existing website.

Content Import
We offer our clients the option of completely converting their existing website to a Wordpress environment. We will undertake complete Wordpress content importations and you won’t have to configure new content for your site. It’s a great quick fix solution and does not take up a lot of time.

Search Engine Optimization
Our Wordpress development services also include great Wordpress search engine optimization services. In Wordpress, you can optimize everything and anything right from the site-maps to the customized description tags.

We offer many more Wordpress development services, whether you want the addition of a blog to the existing website or want to build a site from scratch; we offer all kinds of services on the Wordpress platform that will take your website to a whole new level altogether.

The Benefits of Wordpress

Apart from the uses of Wordpress, another reason why more and more people are going for Wordpress development services is because of its benefits. Here are some of them:

  • You don’t need to know HTML for the purpose of making edits
  • ‘Rolling Events’ are handled easily
  • Articles can go live on a scheduled date, in an automatic manner, as post dating of articles is possible
  • Users/Readers of the site can participate through comments
  • Tag centric content organization
  • Pre-existing URL’s are handled in a seamless manner
  • Due its open source nature, new functionalities can be added easily and without hassles
  • Free support is offered by an ever increasing and highly responsive user community.

This is just a brief cross section of benefits that are offered by Wordpress. At Prosems, our Wordpress development services are configured to offer our client customized benefits.

The Features of Wordpress

  • A Well-etched system of integrating Templates
  • A permalink structure that is search engine friendly
  • Plugins Support
  • Widgets Support
  • Multiple Authors
  • Static Pages

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