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Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications in common software parlances are known simply as RIAs and basically are web applications that are similar to traditional desktop applications in terms of functionality and features. These applications are popularly used and their basic job is to transfer the user interface processing to the web client. However, the application server keeps the bulk data which includes various aspects like the program itself, data which is a part of the program, etc, amongst various other things.

The Uses of Rich Internet Applications

There are three basic uses of RIAs, as given below:

  • Run in a secure local environment know as a ‘sandbox’
  • Run in a web browser
  • Run in an environment that does not require any kind of software installation

It must be understood with regards to these applications is that they have made it possible that all processing activity is done on the server, while the client displays HTML like static content. This is unlike the earlier times when client-server architecture was the center of all activity.

This is a completely client driven technology and thus it enables the execution of instructions directly on the client computers. Thus, it saves time as the circumvention of the slow and synchronous loops takes place. These rich internet applications are a product of satisfying the continuous evolution of the internet and using it for further client friendly development.

Prosems and Rich Internet Applications

The term ‘Rich Internet Applications’ was introduced by Macromedia, but the fact of the matter is that the concept has been in use for a long time before that albeit in different names. It was called Remote Scripting, by Microsoft while also being known as Rich web application or Rich web clients.

Our expert professionals have been working on these applications since the time they came into being and have, as such, a complete in-depth knowledge about the development and working of these applications. We offer our clients the most superior or rich internet application solutions that are focused on satisfying all the objectives of the customers

We offer affordable solutions that revolve around the corner stones of knowledge, keeping abreast of the latest developments, efficacy, and quality. Our advice regarding rich internet applications for our customers is based on our many years of experience in this field and a successful track record.

The Benefits of Rich Internet Applications

We have earlier told you about the uses of these applications, but an application is only as good as its benefits.

  • Offers more transparency with regards to updates and upgrades, for the end user.
  • Trivial application as compared to the OS native or desktop application as the information footprint is much smaller compared to other applications.
  • The application can be used by users from any computer provided there is an internet connection.
  • Offline use of the application can also be accomplished through various tools such as Curl, Adobe AIR and various others.
  • Consistent user experience which is not dependant on the operating system of the client.
  • Executable applications are prone to a virus attack but web-based applications like rich text applications are much safer to use.
  • The interface behavior of a standard web browser are not as responsive as those which are a part of these applications.

There are many more features of RIA and as an application it is in a continuous cycle of development. It can be said that rich internet applications are still in the early stages of development and adoption by users. New features are added periodically and the standards keep improving.

Rich internet applications are the proverbial future of internet based applications and at Prosems we do all that is needed to turn out customized features for our clients using these applications.

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