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Online Video Streaming Solutions

It is said that a picture is worth thousand words. In this age of Internet therefore the worth of a video can never be ignored. Many of us would prefer watching and participating on an online seminar than to read the static text of the lecture. Every online business today needs some form of Online Audio and/or Video streaming for communicating with their clients or associates.

Online video streaming reflects professionalism and it is more versatile than other form of online presentations. It is the technique to transmit video data over Internet for real-time viewing. This way any organization can arrange video seminars for a large group of attendees or select a few and provide them password to log on to the web seminar (webinar). They can either be open or password protected for selected viewers.

Customized Online Video Streaming Applications

The team of talented and experienced developers at Prosems are well equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology to design customized online video streaming applications that can provide tremendous impetus to your business. We have been developing web applications that enable users to create their own broadcast systems with just a camera and an Internet connection and to reach their global client base anytime. They are easy and inexpensive to set up.

With several customized applications developed by Prosems

  • You can prepare live broadcast or establish your exclusive channel
  • You can invite people to join, chat, receive cast information, and view upcoming video casts
  • Your audience can easily access streaming video without downloading a plug-in
  • The online streaming would support multiple operating systems and server/broadcasting/player software
  • The video would have outstanding image quality and streaming quality
  • You can record the live stream.

Prosems offers online digital media delivery solutions for services like

  • Streaming Video: This will enable geographically separated users to join and interact in video seminars.
  • VOD or Video on Demand: This will allow the users to download and view video presentations.
  • Webinars: These technologies will help the organizations to arrange online web seminars. It provides multi-way communication with different mode of presentation to integrate several media such as slide shows, desktop application sharing, video/audio file, sound, and other content rich applications like textual presentations, lectures, etc.

The online video streaming application developed by Prosems are extremely interactive. With customized applications you can create chatrooms for accepting queries from the participants. You can use them to prepare podcast too.

With the sophisticated online video streaming applications developed by Prosems you will be able to generate the much needed website traffics, along with your own customized corporate training, promotional presentations, conference speeches, commercial speeches, distance e-learning modules, live entertainment, webcasts, product demonstrations, live video feeds, and many more.

Why Choose Prosems

We develop applications that make your website more attractive and functional. The other major advantages offered by our customized applications are

  • You will save money cutting down the expenditure of travel/stay/arrangements for organizing seminar,
  • You will save precious time and energy that in turn will save more money
  • With lower overhead you can increase revenue,
  • Generate website traffic and revenue by sharing educational video content,
  • Increase productivity and enhance quality of service,
  • Develop a professional brand image,
  • Improve inter- and intra-organization communication,
  • Develop effective work practices.

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