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Web 2.0 Development

Web 2.0 can be described as an indicator to the changing trends that is taking place every moment in the dynamic World Wide Web technologies, its use, and change in web design themes. Web 2.0 is making the whole web-browsing experience more friendly and user oriented with open approach to secured information sharing, enhancement of collaboration and functionality.

Web 2.0 has changed the attitude of the web developers and web users. The developments taking place now are more responsive and dynamic. Applications like Gmail/Google Map/Ajax-rich applications, Google AdSense, Wikipedia, e-bay, Blogs, BitTorrent, Flicker, etc., shows the future trend.

Prosems and the impact of Web 2.0

Realizing the bigger picture quite early we at Prosems™ have revolutionized the process of developing websites. Keeping in mind of the usability and requirement of the client we design websites that reflect simplicity. They are clean, focused, and simple. As a result of which the user find them extremely responsive and functional.

Our designs are never crammed with unnecessary elements that may overshadow the basic purpose of the website. We always look for creating designs that would have straight functionality in the most aesthetic designs.

We at Prosems™ always create design that speaks more with less. The Web 2.0-style websites we create for our clients have bold and honest central layout. We consciously introduce ideas that are logical to follow and not complex to navigate like pages with lesser columns, separate top header sections, etc., that make the crawling easy for the human readers as well as Search engine robots.

We have the expertise

The designs developed by Prosems™ are aimed at exploiting the advantages of Web 2.0 and its concepts. With our designs we wish to develop a brand image that is open and inviting. We always prepare designs with keeping the user-friendliness in mind. We keep elements that are to be navigated clearly separate from the elements that will not have navigations.

Some of the tricks we use in developing our designs are use of bold and prominent logo, separate space for the header clearly showing the purpose of the website, clear and bold text that never tires the readers’ eyes, bold text introducing separate sections, appealing and strong color scheme that blends perfectly with the theme of the site, rich, three-dimensional textures and gradients that make the site exclusive and improve its readability, realistic reflective graphics, smart and intelligent icons, attractive flash animations that are not heavy on uploading, and many more.

You get a website that looks luxurious and rich without spending a fortune because we put our hearts in developing your website and the honesty gets reflected, naturally!!

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