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MySpace Application Development

MySpace is a very popular social networking site that is used by millions of people all over the world to better connect with each other. It is highly interactive in nature and as such various MySpace applications are available that will integrate the various MySpace features into an existing or a whole new website. The applications are used to customize the various features for the specific benefit of a client.

The Uses of MySpace Applications

The use of MySpace applications, as mentioned earlier, is to configure a website in a way such that it makes available all kinds of features that go in the making of MySpace. So, the inherent reasons why people use MySpace are also the uses of MySpace Applications:

  • Used as a great marketing tool. Using MySpace, you are just a mouse-click away from promoting your products across users who use your eCommerce site.
  • Various applications are used to increase the visitor interaction on the website. This means that it is used to give rise to enhanced customer interaction in case of eCommerce sites.
  • These applications are used to create a social networking site, not unlike MySpace and they offer all the features like enabling upload of videos, music, photos and blogging etc.
  • Various educational sites are configured using MySpace Applications as they enable the sharing of new ideas, thoughts, developments and technologies.
  • Small business websites are created using these applications to target certain niche groups thus boosting business sales.. and many more.

Prosems and MySpace Applications

Prosems, in a continuous fashion, is trying to go one up over the established benchmarks of quality, innovation, and software technology in the sphere of IT solutions and specific open source social networking applications. We push the envelope when it comes to using various applications like MySpace applications to create customized social networking portals, online communities and eCommerce sites that are geared for efficacy and objectivity.

As the internet continues to thrive, the benefits reaped from social networking cannot be denied. We have the proven expertise to create the vision of our clients into portals that offer greater revenues and higher dividends. Our experience in this regard enables us to offer all kinds of services that encompass every aspect of social network development right from visualization of the concept to the design and implementation of the social networking project.

We are extremely proficient in the following MySpace application Areas:

  • Creation of applications in which users can send multiple messages to friends and customers.
  • Embedding of games and various customized software creations into the website
  • Creation of gifting applications, based on ColdFusion 8 that can directly be ported over to a users MySpace Account
  • In-depth knowledge of MySpace applications that enables us to have no problems in getting the applications published.
  • Using these applications to drive traffic to a client’s site.. and many more.

A Few MySpace Applications

Some of the common MySpace applications:

  • MySpace News: In this application, RSS feeds are displayed, which are submitted by the user. Users can also rank the news stories.
  • MySpace Karaoke: As can be imagined, this MySpace application enables users to upload a recording of their own singing onto their MySpace profile page.
  • MySpace Mobile: This application creates an environment wherein, a user will be able to access his/her MySpace content on their mobile phones.
  • MySpace Classifieds: As the name suggests, classifieds are listed or can be listed on the site using this application.
  • MySpace Polls: Polls can be posted on the user profile page, and the parameters and topics for the poll are user specific.

The Benefits of MySpace

At the end of the day, it’s the benefits that are an outcome of the applications that attract one to a site:

  • A great place to connect with friends. Its of great benefit to introverts who are finding it difficult to search for friends
  • A common platform is created using MySpace application, for the sharing of ones interest.
  • A low-cost, highly efficient platform for promotion of various businesses and professions.
  • Makes possible the creation of website even for those people who do not have any knowledge of HTML
  • Sites created out of MySpace applications can be sued for spreading social awareness, without a whole lot of investment.. and many more.

The Features of MySpace

It’s important to know some of the important features of MySpace, because MySpace applications are able to integrate the same features into a site:

  • An Administration Console for Users
  • Template based Member Profiles
  • Chat through Messenger
  • Blogs
  • Creation of Clubs, Groups etc of like minded people
  • Forums
  • Polls
  • Ranking of Profiles.. and many more.

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