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Open Source Social Networking Site Development

People today have begun building a social network over the internet. The process of interacting with people around you has been given a fillip through the numerous social networking websites that are available on the internet. The best part about most of these websites is that they are open source social networking websites meaning that they enable the creation of a customized site through the use of their platform.

The Uses of Open Source Social Networking Websites

The word social refers to the public at large and the word networking means connecting. This essentially means that open source social networking websites are used for interaction and communication with people. Here are some of the uses of such websites:

  • Interaction with people who have the same interests as you do. People form lasting friendships with others through the use of social networking websites.
  • Targeting those members whose preferences mirror the preferences of your target customers.
  • A small business owner can develop a form based site that enables people to comment on his particular business or business field thus crafting a way for new business options.

Not only can open source social networking websites be customized according to the needs of the client, through the specific platform, but their uses can be customized according to the objectives of the client and the website.

The Basic Features of Open Source Social Networking Websites

All social networking websites have a few common features:

  • In-depth personal profiles, which are extensible
  • Flexible blogging
  • Allow the input of various forms of content in the form of text, photos, videos etc
  • Enables the creations of a friends list and the posting of comments and creating a wall
  • Other features of such websites include a search feature, forums, classifieds, a tracking mechanism, amongst other things.

There are many more advanced features that are also a part of open source social networking websites and so are the various extensions that can be incorporated into these websites that increase the features. Some of the open source social networking site development tools are:

  • Pliqq
  • Newscloud
  • Drupal
  • Dolphin
  • PHPizabi
  • Elqq
  • AroundMe
  • Scuttle
  • SocialEngine .. and many more.

Prosems and Open Source Social Networking Websites

Social networking websites fulfill different purposes for different people. They have different applications and objectives. At Prosems we recognize this fact with aplomb and strive to offer social network web development services that are customized with respect to the needs and requirements of the client.

We are proficient in various backend development aspects and are comfortable working with PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and AJAX. The environment we develop for our clients is largely based on Apache, Linux or MySQL, though we have proven expertise in other spheres as well.

Some of our open source social networking services include:

  • We make sure that the open source social networking websites have a personal profile page and the website in general has all the features and applications that the popular social networking websites do.
  • We have proven expertise of integrating the applicatios of various social networking site like Facebook, Linked-in, MySpace etc into the clients website
  • We have proficiency in creating a site that enables subscription social networking and is also configured for eCommerce solutions
  • As of course, we have expertise in creating open source social networking websites that have all the features that we have listed in our features list.

Prosems offers customized social networking solutions to our clients that are created on the foundation of customer orientation, objectivity, and all round efficiency.

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