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Zen Cart Shopping Cart

The world of eCommerce has literally taken the world of business by storm. If you have joined the bandwagon, and are a part of the increasing number of people who are selling their products and services on the internet, then the Zen Cart shopping cart is just the thing for you. It is a shopping cart that has been designed keeping the online merchant in mind and has a whole list of sterling uses. Here are some of them:

  • Whole list of payment modules are offered to online merchants like Credits Cards, Cash on Delivery, Drafts and a host of payments Gateways.
  • A variety of shipping options are also offered as a part of Zen Cart Modules and an online merchant can offer options like free shipping, flat rate shipping, or also charge shipping fees based on the weight of the product.
  • Management of the various products on sale is one of the most important parts of running a business. This is one of the prominent uses of a Zen Cart.

This and many more uses attract online merchants who want to streamline their online business and steal a march over their competitors.

Prosems and Zen Cart Solutions

Prosems  is the one of the leading providers of IT solutions for all kinds of businesses and individuals and has the proven expertise in a variety of products and services. In a bid to provide our clients turnkey solutions we  offer them Zen Cart Shopping cart solutions that are geared for efficacy,  excellence and all round value.

The various professional experts who are a part of Prosems will make sure that the Zen Cart solutions are customized according to the needs, requirements, and objectives of the client website and the Zen Cart customization occurs in a manner that does not affect the website in any way or form.

Zen Cart Advantages

There are a host of shopping carts available in the market today, but the Zen Cart offers various advantages that other shopping carts don’t.

  • The needs of the merchants and shoppers come first in the Zen Cart Shopping Cart Solutions
  • Caters to the needs of the User
  • Easy Zen Cart Customization Process
  • Hassle Free Installation
  • Rudimentary Website Building and Computers Skills Knowledge Required
  • A Variety of Features
  • A Highly Interactive and Helpful Online Community
  • An Increasing List of Users

Features of the Zen Cart

Why should an online merchant select a Zen Cart over the other carts on offer? The selection of the Zen Cart shopping cart is dependant on the features it offers. We have underlined a few of the many Zen Cart Features that help power the eCommerce site.

  • A Global Outlook: A Zen Cart is like your ticket to a global world that will take your business in the right direction. The various options offered in terms of language support, currency support, and payments methods means that you can do business with anybody in almost any corner of the world.
  • Customer Specific: There are no restrictions on customer shopping, but if the customer wants to view prices then a registration is a must.
  • Products and Categories: You can go for Zen Cart customization that offers a limitless depth of categories and what’s more allows the customer to download virtual products. The best part about this feature is the multiple categorizations of products.

    There are many more features like customer retention tools, promotion tools, and various administrative tools that form an integral part of the features list of the Zen Cart shopping Cart.

The Module Advantage

The best part about Zen Cart is that it offers the ability to upgrade an existing version through the integration of various modules. These Zen Cart Modules could be anything from what is mentioned in the features list to something unique. Some of these Modules could be:

  • Data Feed Modules
  • Google Feed Modules
  • The About Us Page Module
  • The Automatic Login Module .. and many more.

The internet is awash with various customized modules that one can add to the Zen Shopping Cart. Prosems offers Zen Cart Shopping cart add-on modules that are customized according to the needs and requirements of the clients and we can create features and applications geared to meet the objectives of the client.

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