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X-Cart Shopping Cart Solutions

Business owners worldwide who sell products and services on the net have shown their trust for the X-cart shopping cart which is created using an open source code software. The simple installation process and an administrator area that is completely web based have made this shopping cart a must have for all online merchants.

Uses of the Shopping Cart

Online merchants can use the X-cart shopping cart for a variety of purposes including:

  • Giving a distinctive edge to the eCommerce business
  • Facilitate Online Selling of Products and Services
  • Offering a customer friendly shopping experience
  • Selling products to multiple suppliers
  • Online distribution and Wholesaling of Products
  • Offering multiple payment gateways
  • Offering multiple shipping options

There are many more uses of this shopping cart and the various X-cart modules available will go a long way in increasing its uses. The whole point of using the X-cart is to simplify the process of buying and selling on the internet.

Prosems and the X-Cart Shopping Cart

At Prosems our engineers are geared to offer you a great experience with regards to your X-cart development and X-cart customization. We offer customized development that is in sync with the client’s local environment and also offer specific add-on modules that fit into all the business specifics underlined by our clients. Prosems has proven expertise of creating X-cart solutions that revolve around the most stringent security parameters which leads to enhanced data security. It is our endeavor to optimize the client’s X Cart performance.

The Advantages of the X-Cart

Online merchants are always on the lookout for shopping cart solutions that will enrich the shopping experience of their online customers. The various X-cart modules and over all structure of the X-cart offers a plethora of advantages. Some of them are:

  • A Variety of eCommerce friendly features
  • Flexibility in Design
  • A Product Catalogue which is SEO Friendly
  • Web-Based Administration
  • Product Inventory Management
  • Management of Reports
  • Multiple Payment Gateway support
  • Shipping Cost Estimation in Real Time

These and many more advantages that the X-Cart shopping cart offers has made it a great choice for an eCommerce business.

The X-Cart Features

While creating an X-cart for a particular website it is understood that it must incorporate all features and tools that will help build an efficient and successful online store. There are some basic features on offer and there are some features that are a result of the process of X-Cart Customization.

  • A wide variety of payment gateways and payment methods
  • All manner of support of eGoods
  • Real Time Shipping Cost Calculation
  • Various customer membership levels
  • Enables membership based pricing
  • Exporting and Importing of all kinds of X-cart Data .. and many more.

The X-Cart Modules

The features given above can further be enhanced through the X-cart integration of various modules.

  • The Affiliate Program Add on Module: As the name suggests, you can boost your sales through an affiliate program. This module will enable you to undertake a search in various affiliate databases, as well as create affiliate commission settings. It’s a completely affiliate friendly module that will take your eCommerce store capability to a whole new level altogether.
  • The Fancy Categories Add on Module: The X-Cart integration of this module will offer a wide range of display options for the categories like pop ups, explorer buttons etc. Also on offer would be pre-designed templates for all menu types. People who add this module would also be given choices for dynamic menu expansion.
  • Some of the other modules available for the X-Cart Shopping Cart are:

    - The Configuration Add-On Module
    - The Special Offers Add-On Module
    - The Magnifiers Add-On Module .. and many more.

There are quite a number of X-cart shopping carts Add-on Modules available, which are made by various services providers. You must select the ones that will increase the efficiency of your eCommerce website in one way or another.

Prosems strives to satisfy all kinds of customer requirements and offers all kinds of X-Cart Shopping cart modules that are specifically customized in accordance with the client's objectives.

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