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Magento Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions

The Magento shopping cart has been developed by ‘Varien’ a company that has been a part of the Open Source eCommerce segment since 2001. It was developed to address the need of the online merchant who not only wanted functionality but also functional flexibility.  The platform, on which the Magento shopping cart has been created, puts all the control in the hands of the online merchant and there are no constraints in terms of the flow of the business processes.

Magento Ecommerce Shopping Cart Uses

The essential uses of the shopping cart do not differ from cart to cart. It is the Magento customization that will create the essential difference and bring forth some innovative uses. Here are the basic uses of the Magento Cart

  • To offer a power-packed shopping experience
  • Useful For forming customer groups on the basis of various parameters
  • Management of Content, Product Lists, and Shipping
  • Facilitating mobile commerce
  • Promotional and Marketing purposes
  • Multiple, language, currency, support
  • Calculation of Taxes and Revenues
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Validation and Fulfillment of orders .. and many more

There are many more uses of this shopping cart and they will be made clear to you once you choose Magento integration for your online shopping website.

Prosems and the Magento Shopping Cart

At Prosems, our team will configure a Magento cart that can be fully integrated into your website. Our in-depth understanding of this open source code technology enables us to offer Magento customization that is the proven word in efficacy and all round value. We provide our clients with the best of customer services and our association with our client continues long after we have provided with the entire range of Magento shopping cart solutions that they require.

Our expert professionals have the knowledge and ability to integrate the kind of Magento cart into your website that achieves all your objectives.

The Advantages of Using the Magento Shopping Cart

Why do people select one shopping cart and not some other? After all the basic usage and features remains the same! The reason lies in the various benefits on offer. It is on the brunt of the various advantages offered that people select this particular cart:

  • Specifically caters to the new generation of store owners and shoppers
  • Simple execution
  • Offers Multiple Website Control through just one Administration Panel
  • Offers Tax Management Solutions
  • One-Click Upgrades
  • Innovative Modules that can be a part of Magento Customization
  • URL’s that are Search Engine Friendly
  • Makes Cross-Selling on product pages a possibility
  • Integration of RSS Feeds for new products, discounts, and specials, possible
  • Management of Newsletters .. and many more

If you go through the list, you will find that the features are configured to complement your online business and thus result in a boosting of sales growth.

Features of Magento Shopping Cart

The Magneto cart comes with its very own distinctive features that help immeasurably in providing not only a great eCommerce experience but also a great shopping experience.

  • Offers Multi-Lingual Support and Features
  • Localization Support
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Completely Magento Customization friendly through innovative templates
  • Offers Multi-Tier Pricing features
  • Tax Rate Support
  • Auto generation of site map
  • Shipping facility to multiple addresses given in one order
  • Google Checkout Integration
  • Configured for varied payment extensions
  • Extensive Order Management Facility
  • Customer Service and Customer Account Friendly

Modules of Magento Shopping Cart

Add-on modules are basically software bundles that further enhance the efficiency of particular software. They can be added at any given time without affecting the efficacy of the existing software and its processes. Magento integration of add-on modules can be accomplished through a hassle free process and you can choose Magento module from the almost infinite number of add-ons available in the market.

Some of the modules that you can go for are:

  • Catalogue Modules
  • Custom Payment Modules
  • Custom Cart Modules
  • A Combination of eCommerce Modules

Our customized Magento Cart add-on solutions will make sure that every personalized need of the client regarding the cart is offered an efficient solution. We do offer a host of add-on modules but if clients have a requirement for something special then we can also satisfy that demand for them.

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