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Open Source Blogs and Forum Develpoment

Open source software are open and they are free. Using them enterprises can bring down the overall cost of operations and increase effectiveness. With the emerging trend of search engine optimization it has been felt that most of the search engines are increasing moving towards blogs and forums for locating quality resource and content. It has therefore become almost mandatory for web portals to establish blogs and forums.

Open Source Blogs and Forums List

With so many open source blogs and forums available it is important to select the correct platform. We at Prosems evaluate your business types, your clients, their needs and requirement before formulating the website or application. As a result the blogs and forums developed by us can provide complete flexibility and open structure that can be appended, edited, modified, and deleted with ease. Utilizing the ideal characteristics of open source software the applications developed by Prosems can accept several add-ons and plug-ins that are extremely important for making them fully customizable.

Some of the best open source blogs and forums are:

  • Wordpress
  • Blogger
  • TextPattern
  • QuickSilver
  • phpBB
  • PunBB

Due to its open source nature, bug fixing is easy and less complex in web sites, blogs and forums developed by Prosems. Therefore, it saves money in terms of time and overhead.

The classical advantages of open source software for blogs and forums developed by Prosems are

  • They are economic without compromising quality or functionalities
  • They have better code structure that makes the application easy to operate, customize, edit, and modify.
  • System integration becomes easy and simple.
  • Overall maintenance and support is better than any commercial proprietary software.

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