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Ajax/AJAX or asynchronous JavaScript and XML is not a technology. It is best defined as a collection of technologies, each having its own unique features. In classical sense Ajax incorporates XHTML and CSS-based presentations, Document object model for producing dynamic and interactive display, extensive use of XML/XSLT for data interchange or manipulation, application of XML HttpRequest for asynchronous data retrieval, and JavaScript binding the functionalities.

Ajax applications, as opposed to classical web application, introduced the concept of Ajax engine between the server and the user that improved the users interactions greatly. This reduces wait time for the user. Data validation, data editing in memory location, and navigations are managed by the engine without making repeated to and fro visits between the interface and the server. This makes the web browsing experience quite enjoyable for the end users.

Prosems: Applying the AJAX Advantage

The professional developers at Prosems incorporate Ajax interfaces for achieving better performance and higher efficiency. The advantages of the applications developed are felt in both simple and complex web portals.

We apply Ajax-based applications to reduce the bandwidth costs significantly, by taking away style elements like fonts, tables, etc. and use little images as design elements that reduces the size of the code by almost 55 percent. Additionally you get a cached stylesheet that does not require repeated downloading. For a commercial website this translates into huge savings, everyday.

In our Ajax-based web application we incorporate

  • Wide usage of XHTML and CSS to develop standard-based presentation
  • Document Object Model or DOM for presenting dynamic display/interaction
  • XML and XSLT for data interchange/manipulation
  • XForms using XPath to address data for binding.
  • XMLHttpRequest for asynchronous data retrieval
  • Powerful JavaScript as the backbone.

We deliver more responsive interfaces, which at times, successfully creates illusions for applications like WYSIWYG editors. It also simplifies maintenance and increases the opportunities. Few major advantages of our Ajax-based designs are

  • Enhanced functionalities
  • Increased usability
  • Faster page loads
  • Wonderful user interfaces

Utilizing the acceptance of open standards in Ajax, we develop intelligent applications that are supported by several browsers and platforms. It helps us in designing applications that are more accessible and flexible for the users.

Ajax for you:

These days you find wide Ajax-based applications in Gmail, Orkut, Google Maps, Flickr, or in Amazon’s search engine A9.com. To exploit the potential of Ajax we at Prosems have started incorporating various facets of Ajax to make the developmental processes more users friendly. Based on the matured core technologies we develop interactive applications from initiation to final implementation.

Ajax has something to offer for everyone. For component development we are using customizable web applications. For page authoring we are utilizing JavaScript technology and widgets. For Enterprise Application Development we are incorporating logic on server-side components.

We at Prosems develop web pages with extensive Ajax functionalities depending entirely on the end-users requirement. Therefore, they are fully customized, function efficient and cost effective.

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