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Custom Web Application Development

Ever wonder why some business seem to get everything right? Well they have help. It's as simple as that. The help comes in the form of custom application development which makes businesses smart! It can ensure that your business is right there amongst the top contenders in the field. Business application development is no longer a benefit it's a necessity. It is the foundation of your company's strength.

Web Development for your Business

The powerful business web development services offered by Prosems can be considered as strategic initiative for transforming existing businesses functionalities. We develop custom web applications using scalable and extensible architectures for various industries. We offer customer relationship management (CRM) services that devise strategies for maximizing revenue and increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

The enterprise software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications developed by Prosems provide automated applications for the entire organization that enhances overall efficiency and cost effectiveness of the operations. Prosems collaborates successfully with your business and IT infrastructure to create an integrated, organization-wide IT platform to suit your particular business needs. As a result a seamless process is developed that improves workflow, reduces redundancy, minimizes overhead, and hence increases revenue.

Custom Web Application Portfolio

Real Estate Website Designing

Category: Business, Legal

Solution: Web design and application for managing legal firm listings nation wide and with the feature to manage sponsored advertisements and maintain their subscription payments.

Technology: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Javscript

Education Web Design

Category: Business, Education, Travel

Solution: Web design and back end administration module to manage various international languages, speaking courses and other required parameters assoicated with the website.

Technology: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Javscript

Ediblefiles Application Development

Category: Business, Internet

Solution: File storage application website, where a user can upload their files by signing up as a registered user. The main feature included bandwidth throttling, and managing payment subscriptions.

Technology: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Javscript

Intership Course CMS Design

Category: Business, Internet, Education, Travel

Solution: A complete and sophisticated Content Management System, with user roles. Main feature included, programming with Salesforce AIP for their database integration.

Technology: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Javscript

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Web Application Advantages

  • Saves time, cost and effort by using technology to your advantage
  • You can divert the energy of people from the repetitive to the creative
  • It boots employee morale and thereby curbs attrition
  • Helps you stay in control of activities and helps you plan for the future
  • Opens up channels of communication throughout the company


We have incorporated our technical knowledge and developed various industry-specific, ready-to-use applications that are cost effective and help the companies gain the much-needed competitive edge. Prosems has deployed custom web based applications over a wide spectrum of business domains like:

  • Advertising & Media
  • E-Learning/Training
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Internet & Technology
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Media Distribution
  • Online Gaming
  • Real Estate
  • Retail & Distribution

Domain Expertise

We come out with customized applications after exploring the specific business types, their suppliers, customers, importance of demography, and all such parameters that affect the performance of the organization. Prosems develops industry-specific business applications for the following domain areas like:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Content Management & Distribution
  • Corporate Intranets and Extranets
  • Data & Document Management
  • Enterprise Portal Solution
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Knowledge Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Workflow Management

At Prosems we excel in developing smart web applications. They are designed by the best, tested by the best and implemented in the most effective manner. Your project will be handled by web application development professionals who have the experience of building intricate applications for leading business.

Featured Projects

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  • Web2.0 development environment
  • Rich user interface applications using AJAX technology
  • Bespoke applications to match your business needs
Rich Internet Applications
We offer efficient, interactive and customized Rich Internet Web Application solutions for simple or complex processes using a variety of high end tools providing you with excellent user interfaces.
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